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  • This event has passed.

Can i buy viagra online with paypal - Online viagra consultation

Can i buy viagra online with paypal - Online viagra consultation

Glenda and I are leading a ride Wednesday July 17, 2019 to Patagonia State Park.

The Andersons will leave at 8:00 AM from Bashas in Catalina.  We will make a stop at the Shell station located at the NW corner of I-10 and Wilmot.  You can meet us at either location.

Note where you are going to meet us when you sign up.

For a Bashas, Catalina start meet us no later than 7:45 AM.

For a Shell, I-10/Wilmot start meet us no later than 9:00 AM.

The following three .pdf maps show the route.

buy antabuse online australiacan i buy antabuse onlinebuy antabuse online safely


Bring your two-way radios (walkie-talkie) preset to channel 12.  If your radio has privacy codes set the privacy code on zero.

The park entrance fee is $15 per vehicle which we pay on entering.  Karl has paid a non-refundable $30 fee to the park to reserve the Point Pavilion.  Participants should consider reimbursing him a proportional amount.

This is a picnic trip.  Bring your meal and portable chairs with you.  We will not stop to pick up lunches.  The chairs are optional but then your seating will be restricted to picnic table benches.  The park has a market with drinks, ice cream, and snacks.

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Karl Anderson

64343 E. Idlewind Ln.

Tucson, AZ 85739


Mobile: 520- 307-9324”


July 17
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Event Category:
where can i buy antabuse


Karl & Glenda Anderson


Patagonia Lake State Park
400 Patagonia Lake Rd
Patagonia, AZ 85624 United States
where can i buy antabuse online
buy antabuse cheap
buy antabuse disulfiram


  1. Hi Karl and Glenda,
    Sorry we can’t make the drive to Patagpnia, as we have a friend visiting with us from LA, and won’t depart till next weekend. Enjoy the trip and the scenery. Ron and Margaret.

  2. Robert & Ellinor Montgomery

    buy generic antabuse

    Ellinor and I will join you at Bashas.

  3. Karl & Glenda thanks for planning however I have an appointment that day so we won’t be able to join you.

  4. Mike & Ann will be joining in on the fun. We will meet-up @ Shell, I-10/Wilmot.

  5. Clark Barnes

    buy antabuse in canada

    Clark & Evelyn are gearing up for the excursion. See ya!

  6. We would love to join you at the park! What kind of chairs do you have that fit in your car along with a cooler? Bin and Gayland

  7. Leslie Clark

    buy antabuse pills

    NO MEMBER REIMBURSEMENT! The club has paid Karl the $30 he has advanced.

    Les will not be in attendance.

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