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You may use this page to advertise Miatas or Miata-related items for sale.  Nonmembers may post but commercial enterprises may not.

When posting a Miata for sale, indicate whether it has an automatic (AT) or manual transmission (MT).

Items will be removed after 30 days. If you sell them before then, please let the webmaster know so they can be removed.

You may also use this page to make general comments, ask questions or share general Miata information.

Word of warning: please protect your private information.

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  1. Douglas Demlow

    July 23, 2017 at 8:43 PM

    For Sale: 2016 Mazda Grant Touring (AT); all the standard equipment plus interior lighting and spoiler. 15,000 miles. Always garaged and hand-washed. Ceramic metallic (very light gray) with black leather interior. What a superb car – but we are downsizing to one vehicle and need to share the Miata with someone who will love it! Asking price: $23,500. Will supply photos if desired.

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