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  1. Kelli Kiekens

    June 6, 2017 at 9:36 AM

    For Sale: 1991 Miata (B Package) with hard top and Automatic transmission.
    Color: Silver Stone Metallic (L3)
    Interior: Black
    Mileage: less than 55,000
    Asking price: $6,000

    This car originally belonged to an owner in Florida and was there for a majority of its time. I purchased this car in Michigan in early 2013. I moved down here a year ago (the car was transported) and it has been in a garage down here. The only pieces I have replaced are the wheels, the battery, and a couple plastic pieces on the interior. The car drives wonderfully! I have pictures if interested.

  2. FOR SALE: 1995 Special Edition Miata M (manual transmission)
    COLOR: Merlot
    MILAGE: 24,300
    One of a kind condition. No accidents , one owner, all original (except tires & battery) original top & covered spare tire. Kept garaged, includes boxed key ‘fob’, lapel pin & emblem., cup holder with box.
    ASKING: 20k
    photos available .

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