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can you buy antabuse over the counter in uk

  • This event has passed.

Buy antabuse 500, Buy antabuse

Buy antabuse 500, Buy antabuse

We have re-scheduled our AUGUST OPMC DINNER MEETING for the first Wednesday of the month: August 7th.

It will be at Bottega Michelangelo, 420 W. Magee Road just west of Oracle Road on Magee Road.

We need a minimum of 16 members, max. of 28 in the closed off room for the meeting.

We have given our credit card to secure the minimum participants in order to get the secluded meeting room.

If we don’t get them, the group will be moved to an open area, less secluded.


Carol & Dick Thompson

Co-Chairs, OPMC Membership


August 7, 2019
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Event Categories:
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where can i buy antabuse


Carol & Dick Thompson
buy antabuse cheap


  1. Ronald G (Ron) Jackson

    where can i buy antabuse online

    Margaret and Ron plan to be there. Thanks for setting it up Carol & Dick.

  2. Dick & Trudy Baker

    buy fake antabuse

    Sounds like fun. Thanks for organizing Carol & Dick

  3. Jerry Juracek

    how to buy antabuse

    I’ll see you there…one person.

  4. Dennis Holt

    buy antabuse implant

    Please add a potential new member for dinner. Her name is Barbara Patchin. Paarty of one.

  5. We will be there.

    Maria& Jules

  6. Connie Culley

    buy antabuse in india

    The Culley’s Will be there with a guest so count us for 3.

  7. Karl Anderson

    buy antabuse paypal

    Glenda & Karl Anderson will attend.

  8. Rick BeMiller

    buy antabuse tablets

    We have put this into our calendar. See you there

  9. Bin and Gayland LOVE this place! We’ll be there!

  10. Faith & Dennis Holt

    where to buy antabuse

    This one we can make… see you there….

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